Private and bespoke landscape photography tours in Iceland with the extraordinary team at Iceland Enroute.
For enthusiastic and passionate landscape photographers, a trip to Iceland has to be a dream come true. We are a team of professional and experienced photographers, here to help you realize that dream, specializing in landscape and nature photography. Iceland Enroute offers bespoke, high quality photo tours to your utmost comfort and wishes. We guide you to the dynamic and wild gems of our young and vibrant land, some hidden away from the public eye.
Powerful waterfalls and the world’s largest glaciers with their icy blue caves await your visit as well as the rugged lava fields, simmering springs and pristine arctic wildlife displayed in the dramatic weather and light conditions. Depending on the seasons, you may experience the Aurora Borealis in winter or the beaming midnight sun in summer, the vibrant autumn colours of the earth or the ever changing and unpredictable adventures of spring.

At Iceland Enroute we focus on your greatest safety and provide extraordinary modified and specialized super jeeps, designed to reach the very poetic and photogenic corners of our island. Let us know your desires and we do our very best to fulfill your dreams.
We feel privileged to guide you through the powerful yet vulnerable, diverse and wild nature of Iceland and are happy to introduce you to the local lifestyle and traditions.

Iceland Enroute – your way to experience Iceland through photographic alchemy, in a different world!

Iceland En Route Photo Tours - Travel Iceland

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